Heartway Mantra S23 Tea

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The Heartway Mantra is the latest large mobility scooter at Out and About Healthcare. This insanely tough machine features 80AMP batteries, full suspension, and a large 160kg weight carrying capacity. This mobility scooter has been designed for those wanting a large, tough mobility scooter at a friendly price. The Heartway Mantra is an ideal outdoor mobility scooter with a large 750Watt 4-pole motor and comfortable 20-inch seat. The display is simplistic, making it easy to use with just the basic functions needed to provide you with a comfortable ride.�
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Out and About Healthcare

Phone: (07) 3204 9217
Email: admin8@oahealthcare.com.au
Website: www.outandabouthealthcare.com.au
Address: U2/ 2 - 8 Kabi Cct, Deception Bay, QLD 4508
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