2 Business Class Return Tickets - Perth to London

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2 Business Class Return Tickets - Perth to London

Travel in style and immerse yourself in luxury with two Singapore Airlines Business Class tickets from Perth to London return.

Enjoy the richly upholstered in leather with concealed stowage space to place your personal belongings. And when you're ready to sleep between Singapore to London, your seat transforms into a spacious fully-flat bed complete with linen, duvet and pillows.

Dine with full table service, and enjoy delectable meals including creations by notable chefs from our International Culinary Panel.
Meet the vendor:

Singapore Airlines

Phone: 131011
Email: info_per@singaporeair.com.sg
Website: www.singaporeair.com
Address: Level 1, Terminal 1, Perth Airport
The following conditions apply to the Business Class prize tickets to London:
- The prize winner may travel between 01 November 2017 to 30 June 2018, subject to seat availability at the time of booking;
- Tickets are valid for a stay away of no more than 3 months;
- The ticket validity cannot be extended and any travel not utilised by
30 June 2018 will be deemed null and void;
- Tickets must be issued by 30 March 2018;
- The tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable and non-redeemable for cash;
- The successful bidder will be responsible for, to and from the point of departure, travel insurance, freight, excess baggage, ground transportation and any other costs.

please contact Singapore Airlines via email at
Ticketoffice_per@singaporeair.com.sg to advise the winner's name and contact details in writing. We will provide you with a 'winner's letter' to be given to the recipients to explain the method of contact for making reservations.

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